Hint Mint

Art Direction, Creative, UX, Web
Hint Mint Classic

Hint Mint is a brand of luxury candies which are far more than just plain mints they are also contemporary accessories. I was hired to help the brand reach it’s aesthetic goals and launch a full line of new products called Hint Mint Petit. For this I created numerous materials to help amplify their global image from print materials, to package design, POP designs, and advertising campaigns and collateral.


Ads & Package



Hint Mint Petit

To make the brand more globally accessible, the company wanted to make a less expensive version of the original product without losing it’s unique edge. The result was Hint Mint PETIT,  a small full tin enclosure with the world’s first pinch-to-open feature and available in 8 different flavors. I headed the branding, package design, and everything else involved.





Package & POP Design