Heineken Star Lounge

Branding, Creative, UX, Web
The Project
To support the Japanese launch of the new Heineken bottle and promote bottle drinking culture, I asked to create a place where the target audience can experience the Heineken world in a hip and upscale environment. The purpose of this was to maximise exposure of the new Heineken bottle, and have Japanese opinion leaders experience the brand as it is intended to be: premium, innovative, and progressive. 
What We Did
Together with the widely renowned firm, Klein Dytham architecture, we transformed a former shopping mall into an unforgettable space that whisked people away to the premium world of Heineken. In a span of 5 weeks, and with the cooperation of Tokyo’s top promoters, we held 30 events. Whether it was related to sports, design, or music, the Heineken Star Lounge framed the event and created a hub of activity for consumers.
The Branding